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"The visual metaphor is

an altered transcription made image

of a definition, concept or explanation"

Chicote CFC / 2012

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Chicote Artist Spain




  • 1978. Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic of the "C. S. academic Juan XXIII" Alcorcón (Madrid). It is awarded the 2nd Prize.

  • 1982. EEUU. Tests for admission to the "Hanna Barbera" USA animation studios, home to Madrid.

  • 1983. Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic for new artists them of the "Sala Eureka" of the "Duran Gallery" - Antiques ".         

                     Finalist. It is admitted into the collective exhibition. Madrid.

  • 2016. Luxembourg. Take part in the "Art Prize Emerging Artist of Luxembourg".

  • 2016. Italy. Take part in the "Art Prize MOCA lagoon" Venice.

  • 2016. Mexico. Exhibition at the "4th International Symposium Contemporary Architecture" Faculty of Architecture  Universidad

                     Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

  • 2016. England. Take part in the “Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize” London.

  • 2016. Italy. Take part in the “Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art”.

  • 2016. Germany. Take part in the “NordArt 2017 Kunstwerk Carlshútte” Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf.

  • 2016. EEUU. Take part in the “Artavita Contest - Gateway Art Center New York City. Finalist.

  • 2016. Principality of Mónaco. International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art “Art Mónaco”.

  • 2016. Italy. Exhibition "Effetto arte" Ass. Socio Cultural EA Editores. San Francisco of Asís.

  • 2016. United States. “Art Expo New York”. International Art Fair.

  • 2017. EEUU. Take part in the “Chelsea International Fine Art Competition” New York.

  • 2017. Italy. Take part in “Its Liquid International Contest”. Venice.

  • 2017. México. Take part in the “11ª Bienal Puebla de los Ángeles” Puebla de los Ángeles.

  • 2017. France. It is admitted into the “Circle Foundation for the Arts”.

  • 2017. Spain. Contemporary Collective Exhibition. "Abartium" Gallery. Calldetenes. Barcelona.

  • 2017. Spain. Individual Exhibition “Al Paso Gallery (Level 1 & 2)” “M.Center of the Arts Buero Vallejo”. Town Hall of Alcorcón. Madrid.

  • 2017. Spain. Take part in the XXII Digital Art Award Jaume Graells. Ayuntamiento de Igualada.

  • 2017. England. “Brickline Gallery” Collective Exhibition London.

  • 2017. Spain. “Art Fair Malaga” International Contemporary Art Fair.

  • 2017. Spain. “Hartexpo 2017” International Art Fair Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona.

  • 2017. Italy. “Personal Structures” Bienal of Venice.

  • 2017. Italy. Art Biennial of “Peschiera del Garda”.

  • 2017. Italy. International Art Fair “Visionary Art Show Italy”. Lecce.

  • 2017. Argentine. “BodySpaces Human+Hibrids” It`s Liquid Art Show. Buenos Aires.

  • 2017. Italy. Biennial “Anima Mundi”. Venice.

  • 2017. Spain. UFO Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid.

  • 2017. Italy. Timeless Fragments Festival. PPLG Contemporary Art. Brindisi.

  • 2017. United States. Spectrum Miami. World Wide Art. Artavita. Miami.

  • 2017. Italy. 2º International Prize “Leonardo da Vinci”. Florence.

  • 2017. Senegal. Dak`Arts 2018. International Sculpture and Painting Symposium.

  • 2017. Italy. 8º International Prize “Premio Combat”. Livorno.

  • 2018. Spain. Individual Exhibition “Coliseo de las Artes”. Town Hall of Villaviciosa de Odón.     Madrid.

  • 2018. Spain. Individual Exhibition "Abartium Gallery". Calldetenes. Barcelona.

  • 2018. Spain. Take part in the 53rd Queen "Sofía" Prize of painting and sculpture. Madrid. Selected finalist.

  • 2018. Spain. Collective Exhibition. "Casa de Vacas del Parque del Retiro". Madrid.

  • 2018. Spain. It becomes part of the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors).

  • 2018. Spain. Collective Exhibition. XXVIII International and M. Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Montesquiu Castle. D. de Barcelona.

  • 2018. Spain. Collective Exhibition. XXIX International and M. Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Claret Foundation. Barcelona.

  • 2018. China. Take part in NOVA New Media Interactive Art Prize. (BCAF) Big House Contemporary Art Center. Beijing.

  • 2018. Spain. Take part in "National painting prize Juan Francés" Fira d'Agost 2018. Xàtiva

  • 2018. Germany. Take part in Bloom Award by Warsteiner - Art Düsseldorf.

  • 2018. EEUU. Collective Exhibition in the "International Spanish Exhibition" "Spanish heritage". Florida

  • 2018. Italy. Liquid Rooms. The Labyrinth, Its Liquid International Art. Venice.

  • 2018. Colombia. Alchemic Body. International art festival. at “Jorge Jurado” Gallery Bogotá. 

  • 2018. Italy. ScoglieraViva. Outdoor Sculpture Competition. Venice.

  • 2018. Italy. “Gallería Farini” Concept Arte Contemporary. Bologna

  • 2018. Germany. "ARTMUC" Kunstmesse. 2º Edition 2018. Munich

  • 2019. Spain. Individual Exhibition “Museum of the City of Móstoles”. Town Hall of Móstoles. Madrid.

  • 2019. Taiwan. International Biennial Print Exhibit 2020. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

  • 2019. Spain. "ARCO'19" International Contemporary Art Fair. Gallery "Arte Actual". Madrid.

  • 2019. Germany. Affordable Art Fair. Hamburg. 2019

  • 2019. England. Parallax Art Fair. Kensington Town Hall. London

  • 2019. United States. “San Diego Art Fair”. International Contemporary Art Fair.. California

  • 2019. Netherlands. EuropArtFair. Holland. Amsterdam        

  • 2019. Netherlands. ADAF / Annual Dutch Art Fair Locht. Holland. Amsterdam

  • 2019. United States. The Chelsea International Photography Competition. New York


  • 2020. Taiwan. International Biennial Print Exhibit 2020. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

  • 2020. Spain. Take part in “Atelier Solar” Madrid.

  • 2020. Germany. Take part and exhibit at the International Art Fair “Art Karlsruhe Rheinstetten 2020” Karlsruhe.

  • 2020. Austria. Take part in the Ars Electronica “Starts Prize 2020” project funding from the European Union.

  • 2020. Spain. Individual Exhibition  in the“Eurostars I-hotel”. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.

  • 2020. Austria. Art Vienna 2020. International Contemporary Art Fair. Hofburg Imperial Palace. Vienna

  • 2020. Netherlands. Art Arnhem 2020. International Art Fair. Arnhem. Güeldres. Holland.

  • 2020. EEUU. Take part in “Inspiration from Isolation” New York Art Competitions. “Photographize” New York 

  • 2021. Spain. Become part of Boek Visual, a space that brings together artistic movements and avant-garde artists of experimental art

  • 2021. EEUU. Take part in “The Latin American Contemporary New York Art Competition” New York.

  • 2021. Spain. Individual Exhibition "Exhibition Space of the Joaquín Rodrigo Auditorium". City Hall of Las Rozas. Madrid.

  • 2021. Spain. Individual Exhibition "Exhibition Space of the Gran Hotel Inglés". Madrid.

  • 2022. Spain. Individual Exhibition "Eurostars Washington Irving". Hotusa Group. Granada.

  • 2022 Spain. Collective Auction. "Eurostars Hotels - H. Madrid Tower 5* Madrid - Spain

  • 2022 Spain. Take part in “Artbox Projet Palma 1.0”. Zug Suiza - Palma de Mallorca

  • 2022 Spain. Take part in "Vegap 2022 Proposals (Visual Plastic Artists Management Entity)". Madrid. 

  • 2022 EEUU. Take part in “Artbox Projet Miami 3.0”. Florida - United States.

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"All the work evidences the faculty which possesses the human being

to be constructive with motivation and destructive with relaxation"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Debilidades capitales. Envidia (2019) EM

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