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Enemigos de la civilización. (2021)

"The visual metaphor is

an altered transcription made image

of a definition, concept or explanation"

Chicote CFC / 2012

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Chicote Artist Spain




1978 /1983

Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic of the "C. S. academic Juan XXIII" Alcorcón (Madrid). It is awarded the 2nd Prize.

EEUU. Tests for admission to the "Hanna Barbera" USA animation studios, home to Madrid.

Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic for new artists them of the "Sala Eureka" of the "Duran Gallery" - Antiques ". Collective exhibition. Madrid.


Luxembourg. Take part in the "Art Prize Emerging Artist of Luxembourg".

Italy. Take part in the "Art Prize MOCA lagoon" Venice.

Mexico. Exhibition at the "4th International Symposium Contemporary Architecture" Faculty of Architecture  Universidad Michoacana de San N. de Hidalgo.

England. Take part in the “Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize” London.

Italy. Take part in the “Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art”.

Germany. Take part in the “NordArt 2017 Kunstwerk Carlshútte” Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf.

EEUU. Take part in the “Artavita Contest - Gateway Art Center New York City. Finalist.

Principality of Mónaco. International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art “Art Mónaco”.

Italy. Exhibition "Effetto arte" Ass. Socio Cultural EA Editores. San Francisco of Asís.

United States. “Art Expo New York”. International Art Fair.


EEUU. Take part in the “Chelsea International Fine Art Competition” New York.

Italy. Take part in “Its Liquid International Contest”. Venice.

México. Take part in the “11ª Bienal Puebla de los Ángeles” Puebla de los Ángeles.

France. It is admitted into the “Circle Foundation for the Arts”.

Spain. Contemporary Collective Exhibition. "Abartium" Gallery. Calldetenes. Barcelona.

Spain. Individual Exhibition “Al Paso Gallery (Level 1 & 2)” “M.Center of the Arts Buero Vallejo”. Town Hall of Alcorcón. Madrid.

Spain. Take part in the XXII Digital Art Award Jaume Graells. Ayuntamiento de Igualada.

England. “Brickline Gallery” Collective Exhibition London.

Spain. “Art Fair Malaga” International Contemporary Art Fair.

Spain. “Hartexpo 2017” International Art Fair Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona.

Italy. “Personal Structures” Bienal of Venice.

Italy. Art Biennial of “Peschiera del Garda”.

Italy. International Art Fair “Visionary Art Show Italy”. Lecce.

Argentine. “BodySpaces Human+Hibrids” It`s Liquid Art Show. Buenos Aires.

Italy. Biennial “Anima Mundi”. Venice.

Spain. UFO Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid.

Italy. Timeless Fragments Festival. PPLG Contemporary Art. Brindisi.

United States. Spectrum Miami. World Wide Art. Artavita. Miami.

Italy. 2º International Prize “Leonardo da Vinci”. Florence.

Senegal. Dak`Arts 2018. International Sculpture and Painting Symposium.

Italy. 8º International Prize “Premio Combat”. Livorno.


Spain. Individual Exhibition “Coliseo de las Artes”. Town Hall of Villaviciosa de Odón.     Madrid.

Spain. Individual Exhibition "Abartium Gallery". Calldetenes. Barcelona.

Spain. Take part in the 53rd Queen "Sofía" Prize of painting and sculpture. Madrid. Selected finalist.

Spain. Collective Exhibition. "Casa de Vacas del Parque del Retiro". Madrid.

Spain. It becomes part of the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors).

Spain. Collective Exhibition. XXVIII International and M. Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Montesquiu Castle. D. de Barcelona.

Spain. Collective Exhibition. XXIX International and M. Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Claret Foundation. Barcelona.

China. Take part in NOVA New Media Interactive Art Prize. (BCAF) Big House Contemporary Art Center. Beijing.

Spain. Take part in "National painting prize Juan Francés" Fira d'Agost 2018. Xàtiva

Germany. Take part in Bloom Award by Warsteiner - Art Düsseldorf.

EEUU. Collective Exhibition in the "International Spanish Exhibition" "Spanish heritage". Florida

Italy. Liquid Rooms. The Labyrinth, Its Liquid International Art. Venice.

Colombia. Alchemic Body. International art festival. at “Jorge Jurado” Gallery Bogotá. 

Italy. ScoglieraViva. Outdoor Sculpture Competition. Venice.

Italy. “Gallería Farini” Concept Arte Contemporary. Bologna

Germany. "ARTMUC" Kunstmesse. 2º Edition 2018. Munich


Spain. Individual Exhibition “Museum of the City of Móstoles”. Town Hall of Móstoles. Madrid.

Taiwan. International Biennial Print Exhibit 2020. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Spain. "ARCO'19" International Contemporary Art Fair. Gallery "Arte Actual". Madrid.

Germany. Affordable Art Fair. Hamburg. 2019

England. Parallax Art Fair. Kensington Town Hall. London

United States. “San Diego Art Fair”. International Contemporary Art Fair.. California

Netherlands. EuropArtFair. Holland. Amsterdam        

Netherlands. ADAF / Annual Dutch Art Fair Locht. Holland. Amsterdam

United States. The Chelsea International Photography Competition. New York



Taiwan. International Biennial Print Exhibit 2020. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Spain. Take part in “Atelier Solar” Madrid.

Germany. Take part and exhibit at the International Art Fair “Art Karlsruhe Rheinstetten 2020” Karlsruhe.

Austria. Take part in the Ars Electronica “Starts Prize 2020” project funding from the European Union.

Spain. Individual Exhibition  in the“Eurostars I-hotel”. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.

Austria. Art Vienna 2020. International Contemporary Art Fair. Hofburg Imperial Palace. Vienna

Netherlands. Art Arnhem 2020. International Art Fair. Arnhem. Güeldres. Holland.

EEUU. Take part in “Inspiration from Isolation” New York Art Competitions. “Photographize” New York 


Spain. Become part of Boek Visual, a space that brings together artistic movements and avant-garde artists of experimental art

EEUU. Take part in “The Latin American Contemporary New York Art Competition” New York.

Spain. Individual Exhibition "Exhibition Space of the Joaquín Rodrigo Auditorium". City Hall of Las Rozas. Madrid.

Spain. Individual Exhibition "Exhibition Space of the Gran Hotel Inglés". Madrid.


Spain. Individual Exhibition "Eurostars Washington Irving". Hotusa Group. Granada.

Spain. Collective Auction. "Eurostars Hotels - H. Madrid Tower 5* Madrid - Spain

Spain. Take part in “Artbox Projet Palma 1.0”. Zug Suiza - Palma de Mallorca

Spain. Take part in "Vegap 2022 Proposals (Visual Plastic Artists Management Entity)". Madrid. 

EEUU. Take part in “Artbox Projet Miami 3.0”. Florida - United States.


Spain. Collective Exhibition at "ExpoMetro Barcelona", Passeig de Gràcia. Barcelona.

Spain.  Individual Exhibition "H. Áurea Eurostars Capuchinos Convent. Segovia

Spain. Take part in “Atelier Solar” Madrid.

Summary Biography PDF document

"All the work evidences the faculty which possesses the human being

to be constructive with motivation and destructive with relaxation"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Debilidades capitales. Envidia (2019) EM
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