El silencio cómplice. (2021)

"Marketing has evolved into a pious

form of tolerated deception that

clearly competes with honesty"

Chicote CFC / 2012

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Eurostars Hotels
H. Madrid Tower 5* 
Madrid - Spain




Paseo de la Castellana 259-B , 28046 - Madrid (España)

Telephone: 34 91 334 27 00

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Chicote Artist Spain

The Work of the artist CHICOTE in the celebration of the 2nd Charity Night of Eurostars H.

The Eurostars Madrid Tower 5* will celebrate next April the second edition of the "Charity Night in favor of the fight against Parkinson's" together with the CIEN Foundation and with the collaboration of the prestigious auction firm Lamas Bolaño.


The solidarity event will be held in the form of a charity auction of lots donated selflessly by companies that wanted to join the cause. A total of 33 lots consisting of objects linked to the world of sports, plans and activities related to unique and exclusive experiences, as well as pieces from different luxury firms will be made available for bidding. Also part of the auction was a collection of pictorial and sculptural works donated by a selection of artists that are part of the Eurostars Hotels exhibition project, in which the artist CHICOTE participates through the Arte Actual Gallery.


All financial contributions received during the charity gala will go to the Neurological Diseases Research Center Foundation, an organization dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Carlos III Health Institute and which is currently working on the project "Biomarkers of Disease Differential Parkinson's in relation to normal aging and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Chicote Artist Spain


H. Eurostars Convento Capuchinos
Segovia  - Spain

00 JUNE / 00 JULY- 2023

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Capuchin Square, 2, 

40001 Segovia - Spain

Telephone921 415 250

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The Symbiotic Art of Chicote CFC, at the Capuchin Convent 5*

The Capuchin Convent 5* hotel together with the Galería Arte Actual presents the new exhibition by the artist Chicote CFC. The exhibition reflects the great mastery of the artist's technique, while placing human behavior in the spotlight.

Carlos Fernández Chicote began his immersion in the world of art through the discovery of painting. His artistic sensibility was reinforced in his pre-university studies at the Juan XXII de Alarcón Study Center and, later, at the “Artium” Center for Academic Art Studies. After numerous trips around the world and having visited different cultures, his interest in photography deepened, allowing him to delve into different techniques. Throughout his artistic evolution, he has not stopped reinventing himself, coming to control design and digital image and working as a graphic designer.

The work exhibited at the Capuchin Convent 5* hotel projects visual metaphors with a critical and pointed background in order to highlight the faculty of the human being to become constructive by motivation while at the same time becoming a destructive being. In each piece, Chicote presents the combination of the artistic techniques that he dominates, giving rise to Symbiosism, which the artist himself defines as the "fusion of photography and painting as well as vision and cognition, always supporting digital environments and with novel themes involved. under a peculiar sociological study”.

The exhibition can be visited at the Capuchin Convent 5* hotel from June 00 to July 00.


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