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Escrupulosamente insano. Oligarcas. (2022)

"Art is suffering an identity crisis

favored and due to the lack of rigor

of critics and curators"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Firma 2017 03.gif




February 13 / February 16, 2020

Exposition (Gaudí Gallery) International KARLSRUHE ART FAIR 2020 - Klassische Moderne und Gegenwartskunst - karlsruhe - Germany

02 March / 18 March 2018

Collective exhibition 53 National Prize Painting / Sculpture Queen Sofia - Casa de Vacas - Madrid - Spain

Accompanied by his H.M. Queen Sofía, the Minister of Culture Mr. Íñigo Méndez, Mr. Eduardo Naranjo (Academic Painter of the Arts) and Mr. José Gabriel Astudillo (Painter and President of the AEPE)