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El acomplejado vástago heredero de la URSS. (2022)

"Let  us cover  our model  of  reality with a thick veil

and apply imagination and talent to each of our  photographs,  with  this  we will  discover a new 

form  of  expression  full  of  infinite possibilities"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Chicote Artist Spain




Chicote Artist Spain

Madrid, Spain, December 20 of 1963.  Chicote CFC studied his primary, secondary and pre-university in the "Centre of studies John XXIII" from Alcorcon (Madrid). At a young age starts to give symptoms of a great sense and artistic sensitivity, qualities that make it possible for you to school, just over 12 years, performing his first works of a certain degree of complexity through the use of techniques such as tempera, watercolor, ink or oil.​ After a first career in the childhood as self-taught, with the only method and reference of study it observation and imitation of them classic of the art as well as of them avant-garde of the surrealism and abstraction of it time, decides to in 1984 in order complement and develop their faculties artistic, enter in the "Center of studies academic of art-Artium" in Madrid-Spain (governed by "Eduardo Peña", remarkable painter and heir of a consolidated saga generation of artists plastics) all this accompanied of varied raids in activities of different nature business and economic. Their work begins to intersperse painting with elements and technical mixed. During all this time manages to introduce is more to fund in the world artistic arriving to participate in exhibitions collective ("Sala Eureka" "Duran Gallery" - Antiques) e also begins to take involuntarily contact with the world of it photography thanks to them numerous travel that carries to out and that still today not you have abandoned, what you allows of way progressive go acquiring them knowledge and the experience required for make of this field a new and particular method of expression and creativity. ​In 1985 he participated as a collaborator and art critic in the newsletter fortnightly "Nifer", Alcorcon - Madrid. A beginning of studies in the branch of sciences and a great interest by the new technologies have been determining factors for its fast connection with the new advances in computer science. At the same time that the media evolved and allowed to have more agile creation tools, it was specializing and repairing in the digital design and image as well as in the search for new ways of dealing with art. More than 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, photographer, painter, sculptor, interior designer, shop window designer and in the world of digital art complete his career. The insatiable thirst of knowledge both cultural, artistic as human, you have pushed to continue traveling and to introduce is to fund in the world of the photography, achieving meet instant plastic and documentary of more than 80 countries, through them five continents. In the year 2012 creates the "Simbiosismo" or "art movement symbiotic" that merges photography and painting as well as vision and cognition, all under a digital environment wrapped in innovative topics supported in a peculiar sociological human environment study, always loaded with a background of social criticism in an attempt "to raise level of artwork of very high standard pictorial photography and an excellent photographic optics the painting".

En fase vegetativa



"Dreams are the playground of the intelligence,

creativity his  only moment of freedom and independence"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Result of an extreme, highly reflective observation with judgment of an irresistible need to express concerns that are likely to recapitulate, based on a new examination, all those principles that are considered fundamental in order to achieve the correct social order and which in some cases appear irrelevant The work of Chicote CFC, as well as its principles, has been discarded, and they flee from accommodating themselves in a monotony of monochromatic planes or from the simplicity of minimalism to expectorate gusts of intense breath wrapped in a certain air of drama and dynamism. Its atypical execution is resolved among an abundance of textures, color tones without limits, punctual reflections and subtle transparencies halfway through the appearance of glazes. Protected by the resources provided by the new technologies Chicote CFC conceives a new way of doing and treating the art that he calls "Symbiosism" (symbiotic art) with which he has managed to blur the boundaries between photography and painting. Digital support that despite having among its tools of a wide range of traditional resources, it decides to leave to focus on projecting works taking as a starting point snapshots collected throughout its multiple trips, which reveal at a glance the Reliable range of lights and colors that photographic reality brings to its creation. Projects visual metaphors treated sometimes protected under pure expressionism that do not explicitly claim to visually identify the chronicle to which they refer. His work, irremediably critical and pointed, "highlights the ability of the human being to result in constructive motivation and destructive relaxation", an element that captivates the misfortune of others while obtaining the comfort of his own drama, someone who is able to waste huge amounts of efforts and resources to live continuously protecting themselves from their greed, selfishness, envy and insecurity. His works do not aspire or attempt at any time to reflect those aspects that exalt human beauty and quality, but those issues that determine the crudeness and frivolity with which he acts in certain circumstances. It would be correct to say that all his works are intended to place dressings on his hardships. Much of the work of his work focuses on an exercise of deep study around the implanted doctrine of the incessant and stressful dynamism that human activity entails and that has undoubtedly far exceeded the pace of natural spontaneous change. The one who has chosen to opt for a vertiginous and accelerated development based on a continuous process of construction and deconstruction has not thought at any time to take a break that allows him to correct mistakes and avoid unfavorable consequences. This is a form of conception, this is my perception and this is my contribution. "I have trained in the best academies and with the best teachers, I imbibed the work of all the geniuses that preceded me."


The work of "Chicote CFC" has been acquired or requested in a heterogeneous manner by very diverse spaces, centers, entities and collections, both public and private. In an exercise of maximum respect and due to the express wish of some of its owners to maintain anonymity and confidentiality, no reference is made to them in this section.

Casa Real 01
Comunidad de Madrid
Ayuntamiento Alcorcón
Ayto Villaviciosa Odón
Galería ArteActual
Galería Singulart
Galería Abartium
Saatchi Art
Galería Gaudí
Lamas Bolaño
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Taiwan
Boek Visual
Atelier Solar
Universidad Europea Madrid
Salvesen Logística
Deutsche Bank
Universidad Michoacana SNH Méjico
Palace Hotel
Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize
Tony Romas
Galería Santana
Grupo Hotusa

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Chicote Artist Spain
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