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Genoma biofotónico. (2018)

"Marketing has evolved into a pious

form of tolerated deception that

clearly competes with honesty"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Chicote Artist Spain



Portugal image book

There was a moment in history in which the right conditions were met for the emergence of a whole generation of characters as intrepid as they were brave and risky, who did not hesitate for a moment to launch themselves into the unknown and this occurred on a peninsula, among some inhabitants called Iberians to whom the great Portuguese navigators belonged, from what we call the age of discoveries. Portuguese and Spaniards then set out to sea to destroy all the assumptions and superstitions we had created about the world, formalizing not only new maps and getting to know new territories and cultures, but a new vision of the world very different from the one they knew for a long time. so. This thing that time dilutes in importance, that the passing of the years diminishes in significance thanks to the technology that has made everything much easier for us, never ceased to be a surprising milestone in its time, an overwhelming feat more than anything because they They were the ones who laid the foundations of our development with ships, boats and measuring devices that, once improved, we continue to use today. This book is a walk through its history, its life and its towns.

APRIL, 5 - 2024



Amsterdam. Exposition collective

This is a collective exhibition projected on a giant digital screen in the heart of the Central Train Station of the city of Amsterdam, a bustling center through which thousands of people pass daily, a true point of attraction for curious people and art lovers in where you can admire the latest works of our artists at no cost, since admission is free. An original collective proposal almost in the open air, among which the artist "Chicote" participates with some of his works from the beginning of this trend called by him as "Symbiosism". It is located in what is possibly one of the most important nerve points of the city, directly at street level and at eye level. It is certain that a multitude of pedestrians will cross and converge at this passenger station during the week that the event will last, in what will be a point of reference for its novelty, its attractiveness and striking attention. The best opportunity to capture the attention of thousands of spectators from the Netherlands who come to a city full of life and economic and cultural activity..

APRIL, 5 - 2024

Prensa Exposición.jpg


Artist book

A little over nine years have passed since the artist broke into the art world with his peculiar method of creating pictorial work from photographic shots through symbiosis, a period during which evolution and change have been the usual tonic and the main purpose that has driven him to obtain an improvement in the procedures as well as to refine and perfect the finish, thereby positioning "Symbiosism" among the most innovative and curious artistic trends of the moment. Throughout all this time, a multitude of national and international exhibitions have been taking place, different catalogs and books about his life and work have come to light, great museum work has been carried out to launch a portal website in which even his most recent works were present, all without forgetting his presence on social networks, etc..., a titanic task considering that in such a short period of time he has had the ability to complete more than 810 large format works and innumerable studies and preparatory sketches, which attests to your inexhaustible capacity for work, commitment and your effort to be at the forefront of art reference. This copy is undoubtedly an invaluable visual reference of his thought, his work and his footprint.

Chicote Artist Spain
Chicote Artist Spain


An approximation to each projection

A new experience in the presentation and viewing of works. This brief tour of the virtual gallery allows the viewer to discover some of his most emblematic works in a spectacular way. A project initially conceived as a tool that allows the artist to create a sketch or rather a quick staging, prior to planning his exhibitions, shows and events. A walk in augmented reality with a single intention, to decipher and interpret the soul that remains latent under the substrate of each creation. It is mainly intended for those who wish to have an approach to the opening of the artist's individual exhibition, which is not always easy for them to access.


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