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Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est. (2022)
Chicote Artist Spain


"The life and work of Chicote are pure reflection,
an equivocal introspection that suffers
of being as banal and as absurd as it is
the most judicious of efforts to argue life"

Chicote cfc / 2012



Once the retouching of the image has reached the summum of the sensational and spectacular, which is not far away, photography and photographers will have no other option than to lead to pictorial art, that is, to "Symbiosis." Photography itself has a very limited room for maneuver within its field, it may well end up embracing three dimensions, holography or virtual reality, but in the end it will need much more imagination to develop as an artistic procedure of the future, hence that leads to the use of pictorial practices and call this whatever you want, but it is what some of us call "symbiotic art." The mixture of photography and painting in a single work allows us to get more out of the fragments and elements that make up each snapshot, either of its light, its tones and shades, of the contrast or of the intrinsic shape of its objects, being able to reach endow them with qualities that they never had before or empower them as zones and points of reference capable of attracting and captivating the interest of the observer in a new work. The treatment of the images allows us to change its optics and recreate or construct completely different realities but at the same time as true and true as they were in their origin. There is no specific or previously defined procedure when working in symbiosis, which gives the artist incredible freedom of movement and spontaneity without limits. There are multiple techniques, uses and ways of working when you want to alter or modify an image, as many as innate peculiarities and unique capacities are possible to transmit to the artist in his work. Time, experience and research will endow each professional with their particular style in the development of the work, which will undoubtedly revert to something unique, characteristic and inimitable. My current criteria and ways of working are only part of the research that I have been developing over the last 10 years and that will undoubtedly continue to evolve as much as the result of my work.

“The artist today is more experimental than ever.
He researches, rehearses, and probes constantly with his work.
He hardly plans the final result of his work"

Chicote CFC / 2012



Creative abilities multiply when we try to carry out work using the potential and technical possibilities provided by two disciplines as different as the photographic process and pictorial art. This requires having some practice in:


Have manual skills. Have knowledge in the use and mix of different plastic techniques. Obviously show imaginative and abstraction skills and understand that this is an ideal means of communication.


Know about the application of the different filters and visual effects of development. Have some control to generate programmed work systems and have some experience in design software. Create a combination of templates and base elements to understand that greater agility and precision in finishing can be obtained.

Chicote Artist Spain

Start Image

La comitiva (2016)

Final Result of the Work / Title: LA COMITIVA (2016) EM-P0187

Chicote Artist Spain

Means and resources used during the process.

Both in the conception and in his approach, "Chicote" distances himself from any interference that could generate doubts, conflicts, questions or provocation, as well as from anything that intends to change, offend or alter the principles of the observer while contemplating his work. This is limited solely to expressing personal emotions, feelings and reasoning about what he observes, feels and senses. It is a mere analysis exercise within that phase that leads him to the search and recognition of his own entity as an individual.

Summary of processes and intermediate steps in the execution of the work



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