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"The "Simbiosismo"

blurs the existential limits

between painting and photography "

Chicote CFC / 2012

Chicote Artist Spain


What is the SIMBIOSISM?

Painting, photography or both...

"Symbiosis" or "Symbiotic Art" progresses within that fine line

in which it is impossible to distinguish photography from traditional painting.

An evolutionary metamorphosis that turns photography into pictorial art

while elevating painting to the status of photography and whose result is based on a symbiosis in which they interact:

- Several artistic disciplines simultaneously

- Technology and artistic talent

- Vision and cognition

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We have made the premise image of our certainty something that of course has ceased to be a valid reference. This is where "Symbiosis" starts, establishing a struggle in an attempt to open our eyes to the ease that exists today to manipulate our opinion by distorting and transforming things through the transformation of the image until everything seems credible. It was born as a response to the worrying and pressing need to counteract the massive proliferation by adulterating reality by manipulating any visual representation, which can undoubtedly lead us to an environment based on deception and trapping, preventing us from finding a certain known notion or Similar to our current reality. Hence, art in symbiosis as a safeguard seeks to eliminate all recognizable elements from the image, relying simply and solely on the transcendental of the individual and of things, whether it be what is perceived through sensations, intuitions or feelings. He flees from showing a deceitful and manipulated reality to focus on the depth and basics of things. The artist knows that there is an urgent need to take control of the image and not that it is the image that takes control of our lives, which is why he proposes taking photography to a terrain of abstraction that allows us to flee from a more than doubtful and supposed reality. The "Simbiosimo" or "Symbiotic Art" as a trend, aims to be a transgressive element established with the firm purpose of reversing that implanted stereotype that makes the image the foundation and premise of our lives. He creates works whose effective reality "image from which it starts and which seems to be evident and undeniable" vanishes with the same ease as fiction itself. This is based on the idea that today and without a doubt more and more, our apparent reality reflects being a less reliable source of information, it is practically impossible to find published images that have not been retouched, modified or improved and even our reality Everyday life more often escapes the vision of authenticity that we knew until today, as we begin to immerse ourselves in parallel virtual realities or manipulated metaverses that have nothing to do with our current knowledge or discernment and there will come a time when we will completely doubt what is truly our reality. Therefore, the symbiotic artist, starting from the unreliability of any image, uses it simply as a means to carry out his work, but completely detaches himself from its original conception, destructures it and decomposes it until forging his own interpretation, yes much more personal, but that starts not from what he observes, but from what he feels and thinks about those events and how he lives them. And how does the artist carry out all this…? through a "Visual Metaphor". It all begins with the analysis and critical opinion of some facts and events to lead to a visual metaphor, or what is the same "an altered transcript made image of any definition, concept or explanation". A completely subjective representation, but very peculiar of how he understands, how they are and how the facts happen for him through the information he obtains or gathers through the different media. "Symbiosism" in plastic arts, supposes a quantitative and qualitative leap in terms of technique and procedures, since its forms and methods had remained anchored in tradition with hardly any changes over hundreds of years, once again managing to position to painting suddenly at the zenith of the artistic and technological avant-garde of our time. It does not intend to imitate or copy anything that has been done so far, but instead seeks to create works that would otherwise be tediously difficult to achieve with only the resource of a few brushes and the artist's hand. The level of detail, perfection and agility that new media provide would be otherwise unthinkable without the help of technology, the basic pillar of "Symbiotic Art". Now the photographer is no longer a mere eyewitness who tries to capture moments or events, he is also a protagonist who participates in the development of his work, he paints on his work, he is a painter and a photographer.

"Symbiosism as a trend, aims to be a transgressive element established with the firm purpose of reversing that implanted stereotype that makes the image the foundation and premise of our lives.

He creates works whose effective reality "image from which it starts and which seems to be evident and undeniable" vanishes with the same ease as fiction itself.

La caída de Constantinopla (2020)
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Philosophy of


"Symbiosism" is an artistic method that is basically based on a way to create "pictorial works" based on a main purpose, to get rid of the false idea that makes us think that images are an undeniable premise of reality. The image conditions us. We assume that the images show us a faithful and pure representation of reality, but we have reached a technological point and level in which we are no longer able to clearly differentiate between reality and fiction. No doubt many unreal things will start to torment our lives. "Symbiosism" transgresses with that stereotype of reality that prevents our brain from establishing itself in certainty, making us see that any image can be easily destructured and that other apparently not so obvious realities result just as surely. "Symbiosism" is a way and method of making art that does not restrict or rule out the treatment of themes or motives in any of both past and contemporary trends. It admits figuration and abstraction, realism, impressionism, "fauvism", "surrealism", expressionism, etc ...

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What's the


The "Symbiosis" in its execution is a painting applied by digital means with a useful base totally or partially covered by a more or less altered collage of one or several photographs, which are and will always be the creative result of the same artist. It is a technique, medium, method or tool to be added to the already existing ones of oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, etc... for the creation and elaboration of works, which is fundamentally based on the resources that new technologies have provided. within our reach, modernizing, evolving and streamlining the already existing ways and forms. This allows us to expand the artistic procedures that now allow us greater creativity and ways of expression without ever departing from the fundamental artistic philosophy of the necessary skill, management, experience and knowledge that are required of the artist, always accompanied by the essential ingredients of ingenuity. and creativity. Pictorial art as we know it today has few and scarce resources left to avoid being repetitive, if it does not do so by looking at the improvements that new technologies bring us daily. This new trend is the result of taking advantage of these means to emerge with new and renewed strength.

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"Symbiosism" &


The difference between "Symbiosism" and photographic retouching is basically that, both as far as the photographic retouching is concerned, through the treatment of images is to dramatically improve the final result of the work, the "Symbiosism" which it deals with is to use photography as a palette and color support for the ambience of new works, as well as the use of specific collage elements in the style of those already used in previous trends in order to obtain a completely different final result. ​ In other words, the Symbiosism "decomposes the original photographs" to end up generating a new work with a different conception and meaning of the one originally conceived. Let's say the original photos are the preliminary sketches while the oil that permeates the canvas. All the work, both the photographs and the painting and elements thereof must belong to the artist, that is, they are prototypes created by the artist from the beginning to the end of the process.

Everything begins with the analysis and critical opinion of some facts and events... lead to a visual metaphor,

or what is the same "an altered transcript made image of any definition, concept or explanation"

Chicote Artist Spain
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The "Symbiotic


The Symbiotic Artist is a mixture of Photographer and Painter. He is a doubly qualified artist who uses both media, Photography and Painting for the creation of his works, both being in origin, origin and creation result of the same artist. He bases his work on the useful mixture of the two means of expression, so far so different in his behavior, but that technology has made it possible to unify in a single format. The execution of the work is carried out under the digital systems or computer media and departs from the manual technique of which it had been participating so far, which is already surpassed, which allows greater agility at the time of completion Of his works. The legality of the system is established under the convenience of the painter showing or exposing the origin of his creation, that is, the original photographs that are part of the final work and that have been used as a resource. The Symbiotic artist is one who is not limited only to creating works of a great aesthetic level, rather it combines it with the accompaniment of the narration of a testimony, or provides a logical explanatory argument to it, it may be based on stories and chronicles or reflections that support the motive of the work. It allows to establish in any case a dialogue and correlation between vision and cognition.

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A new perspective to


Of course a good photograph can form and compose a good painting in itself, but the photograph is a faithful reflection of an instant, a moment or event retained in time, which will never go beyond exhibiting, telling and being traced to something else than what happened in a limited time interval. Photography tells perhaps a little more about what the image recreates us, while "Symbiosism" narrates at the same time that it represents some events that follow and last during a period of greater temporal amplitude.             "Symbiosism" recovers for contemporary art one of the most important pillars of all pictorial work, the content. Making the message itself, within the approach of all work, be as important as the work, its aesthetics or its execution, is something that the current artist had almost completely discarded from his work. This tendency is therefore separated from vulgarity, banality and much of what has been called vague art. Now the artist is invited to reveal the meaning or reasoned foundation of each of his works, which is nothing more or less than one more way of escaping from the superficiality with which modern art has been appreciated in an attempt to connect more deeply with the observer. Until now, it was usual for the artist to limit himself to formalizing a simple idea from which he built an entire philosophy that sought to justify his entire world. Is it perhaps illogical or preposterous to combine abstraction and reasoned foundation in a pictorial work...? Of course not, in the same way that there should be no excuse to try to give a form or explanation to what our mind thinks it can guess in the clouds when it contemplates them carefully watching them pass in front of its eyes, it is simply and only a wonderful exercise. of imagination which we call visual metaphor. The visual metaphor on which the "symbiosis" is based in the abstract, has the same logic and foundation that conceptual art or any other manifestation and visual representation may have, with the only difference that it is not subject to its definition or to a recognizable shape.​

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Main Features of


"Symbiotic art" or "symbiosism" structurally assumes: Basically and primarily it dilutes that barrier until now existing between photography and painting. Painting through "hyperrealism and photorealism" tries briefly to reach photographic art, but photography was never able to approach painting. The path that allows the works to acquire the rationalized communicative sense that has characterized it throughout its history is retaken in art, not merely being a decorative support of public and private spaces. Get the observer to participate and interact with the work. Read the message, obtain parameters and conclusions, reflect, and investigate until you find those hidden images and elements that are part of the work exhibited by the artist. It uses in its method of expression the support of any of the known artistic tendencies, both past and the most avant-garde. In short: it puts "Symbiosism" in the foreground of the magnitude of the great artistic tendencies, in an attempt to achieve that finally "digital art" obtains recognition as an artistic expressive medium with "Capital letters" that until now had been denied. In summary: "Symbiosism" is a way of seeing and understanding art. Hyperrealism and photographic realism try to make photography and "Symbiosism" painting in one of its modalities, it makes photography painting. "Symbiosism" among other variables, is a mixture of photography and painting made both by the same artist. His exhibition in front of the public necessarily requires a sample of the finished photo-pictorial work, as well as the photographs of which said work participates. "Symbiosism" is primarily intended to tell stories, capture ideas and thoughts, but can also participate in pure expressionism. The "Symbiotic" artist is a PAINTER AND PHOTOGRAPHER and is equally interested in both disciplines. You do not want to depart from any of them, but rather to create a single one using both.

We no longer need paint, nor painters...

Photo painters with photography perfectly replace any painter, in any way, style or tendency.

Chicote Artist Spain
HATE IN VENA - 2019 - EM-P0327

Symbiosism, foundation. Download PDF document

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