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This website, as well as the reproduction of all Chicote CFC's works exhibited therein, are the property of the artist. Its reproduction, distribution, public communication, making it available to the public, transformation or any other act of exploitation, as well as the inclusion of hyperlinks to the website that are not limited solely and exclusively to access to its home page, is totally prohibited.

Painting with Photographs   /   Photopaintings


Retiro-Casa de Vacas-0605.jpg

Biography   │  Optics of the Work

En fase vegetativa. (2022)

 Study and Technique   │   Manifest

artkarlsruhe 00_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Social Interaction   │   Publications

Catálogo Razonado 2021_edited.jpg

Recent works  │   Series   │  Chronology   │  Reasoned Catalogue

Subasta en el mercado de abastos. (2021)

Methodology   │  Workshops

fundacion Chicote CFC.jpg

CHICOTE CFC Foundation   │  Under Project 

¡¡Attention...!!! Private property (2021) EM-P0496.jpg

An extensive journey through the life and work of the author.
His evolution, his metaphysics in thought and his innovation.

Guided tour of the virtual gallery.
Mystical journey through timeless spaces that fully

immerse us among the most iconic works of the artist

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