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"We are not part of a capitalist economy,

but of a power system that

has capitalism as an instrument"

Chicote CFC / 2012

Chicote Artist Spain




Chicote Artist Spain



Author: Chicote CFC

Publication year: 2012/2014

Measures: 21 x 28

Binding: Hard cover

Inside: Photo paper

Legal deposit: Different titles

An undeniable profusely illustrated visual compendium whose main character is photography, which includes a large number of images, some of them previously unpublished, but many others previously published in different catalogs under the name "photogenesis". They all have their travels as their starting point and in one way or another they will end up being the germ of their works in "symbiosis".


01 La Patagonia
02 Tribus Thai
03 Viet Nam


Patagonia refers only to a specific area of Argentina that is surely not the one that the content of this book refers to the most, but perhaps it is suggestive enough and with the necessary subliminal intention for it to be this and not another word the most appropriate to name this impressive association of illustrations.
From the glacier park to the remote point of Ushuaia, from the Valdés peninsula to the thunderous Iguazú waterfalls in the Brazilian jungles, passing through Buenos Aires, this route is undoubtedly a constant breath for the senses. It is the best way to acquire a passionate knowledge of nature.


Lavish, colorful and profusely ornamented, the inhabitants of Laos need to look proud at the festival of the beginning of the year, as the traditional canons dictate. In the so-called water festival, masks, dances and parades of pristine Buddhist monks lined up in long lines following their adored deities are intermingled, in an environment similar to what happens in Thailand, of solemn buildings carefully carved in wood and covered in astonishingly majestic tinsel and glitter. The contrast is provided by the sober life of the inhabitants of the rural environment, who still use pachyderms to earn part of their wages. The elephants at least work that yes, without the suffered rhythm of the whip.

03  ​"VIET NAM"

It may be, if not the easternmost, one of the easternmost countries of the Orient. Perhaps it may be one of the countries that the skyscraper construction debacle has begun to reach later, but the charm of Vietnam lies precisely in this, that it still remains under the slowed-down mantle of the old daily life. Wandering through its landscapes grants us the gift of complacency, allows us to be observant travelers in time, measured with an hourglass after which as soon as the last grain falls, our dream vanishes. Each and every one of our stops on our route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh surprises and captivates us. Its charm, that of its people and that of the environment and history in which its daily life takes place.

04 Antípodas
05 Infiernos y Paraísos
06 Nippon


If we were to consider one of the planet's current continents as the most recent living sample of what the Jurassic Park would be like, it would be Australia.
It combines the perpetuity of the size, the danger and the antiquity of its living beings. The condition of isolation in which they have remained for so many years has favored the fact that their beings have not felt the need to evolve so quickly, while at the same time, since there are no large predators, it has allowed them to grow. without limits. We still find many native species that are not seen on any other continent.
From this point of view, man, who began to inhabit it recently, has built cities with a completely modern appearance, with wide streets and large buildings made of steel and glass, above all.
All of this is equally applicable to New Zealand.


The conception that still persists in the memory of most mortals of what resembles paradise, is basically associated with a paradisiacal island, of coral sand, in which the roots of the palm trees caress the transparent water of its shores, that is to say, for example, Polynesia. That is basically Bora Bora or Morea, paradises for short pilgrimages, since most of the islands and atolls in this area are traced, which can be boring for long periods of time, but undoubtedly of enormous beauty.
Halfway between mainland Chile and Polynesia is the always enigmatic Easter Island. Disturbing for what its inhabitants achieved at one point in their history, with hardly any means. Now, some of these islands got off to a dramatic start in that they were formed from volcanoes that may still be dormant. Hell about to explode.

06  ​"NIPPON"

This is a global vision of ambivalence that shows in each of its corners the country of the rising sun. Always surprising and regenerative, as well as serene in his approaches, ways and way of structuring his life and his cities.
It has an enormous capacity for evolution and applies a large dose of wisdom to its projects, which has allowed it, as it has done during all these years, to adapt to the incipient growth of its economy without thereby in any way diminishing its most ancient roots and hallmarks of cultural identity.

07 Sendero de Bóers & Bantues
08 Baltiya
09 Kilimanjaro


I don't know if apartheid has yet been overcome in South Africa, or perhaps not even in the rest of the world. What does seem certain is that part of the great injustice that was created based on the privilege of a few seems to have closed a cycle that everyone is trying to forget about. Difficult task as always when a lot of pain remains, but a humiliating journey would have been useless if a country with a wealth of natural and geological life, such as the largest country in southern Africa, had not at least tried to separate from his daily life the bitter discipline of rancor as a solution. Now that it is beginning to be an economic benchmark for the continent and in which other countries such as Zimbabwe, a close neighbor, rely on their development, a new future is beginning to be glimpsed, of which we hope that thanks to projects such as the Kruguer Park, they will be able to continue maintaining the rich reserves of fauna that are of incalculable value for its ecosystem.

08  ​"BALTIYA"

After the fall and dismemberment of part of the former Soviet Union, many small countries that were previously absorbed by this great military power became independent and became closer to the rest of Europe again, which in turn made them visible to the rest. of the world. With this they gained in freedoms, autonomy and plurality and thanks to this also and after the long years of abstinence and hardships to which the Union of Republics had accustomed them, they finally stand out and emerge with a spirit of renewal that begins to be denoted in the restoration of its monumental buildings, streets and squares, now mixed with styles mixed between Orthodox-Communists, but mostly Catholic-European. Few traces are visible from the past period of twilight that reminds us of the fact that they were once communist countries.


At dawn everything seems calm under the ascending sun of the Kenyan savannah, nothing seems to move and nothing happens, but not long after which, in the distance, a huge herd of wildebeest can be glimpsed, serenely seeming to graze under the intense greenery. still wet from the morning dew and from which we begin to discover a whole world of hectic life that shows us in what small fraction of time, it goes from stillness to violence for the mere fact of subsistence. Small and large prey persecuted or harassed by predators always on the lookout, which changes our perception of reality about the calm stillness of these places.

10 Pagan y el Imperio Khemer
11 Kemet
12 Dominios Vinkingos


Myanmar, a world in which the pure beauty of simplicity covers all aspects of life, undoubtedly wrapped in a landscape covered with infinite pagodas that warm those sunsets of golden light.
The grandeur of these monuments, still hidden among semi-forgotten jungles, created during the Khmer domination, define Cambodia par excellence. A country that still lives with the burden of a mutilated population, a legacy of the bitter and retrograde dictatorship applied by the Khmer Rouge.

11  ​"KEMET"

We realize the enormous work that nature carries out even for man, when after so many years of immersion and occultism in the fine sands, we managed to make a culture as great as the Egyptians emerge from the desert. We have rediscovered this civilization that should never have been forgotten for the good of human knowledge and that now enjoys the status that in its day corresponded to it among
the great empires of antiquity. One of the few civilizations that were able to measure up to the powerful Roman Empire and above all to make man great.


Tradition gave them a reputation as ruthless warriors, invaders, and rulers of all the lands their ships reached. But now history rediscovers that they may also have been conquerors and possessors of a not excessively complex but very well organized civilization. In any case, these were only the remote bases on which the emotional legend of the Vikings is based, since today their descendants brim with equanimity and serenity in their daily avatar and that is transmitted by each and every one of them. its beautiful cities, difficult to bear under the harsh winter climate, but very pleasant and full of life on sunny summer days, although always closely linked to the sea and the fjords.

13 Balcanes
14 Hititas
15 Imperio Austro-Húngaro


When the sound of weapons dies down, it is when sanity and good sense are perceived to have arrived in civilization, although it may in some cases prove to be too late. In the Balkans there is an excess of charm in each and every one of its small port cities. Its inhabitants live and recreate in and from the sea, but the interior is no less as or more beautiful than its shores. Now that the conflicts seem finally over, not without sores and open wounds that will be very difficult to close, it is time to build and rebuild as much as possible what was lost and should never have been touched. The monuments and streets still show pain in Bosnia and something fundamental is that it is time to recover the Balkan spirit of solidarity. Hard work to develop in a daily atmosphere still cold and distrust among its inhabitants.

14  ​"HITITAS"

Fearsome warrior people were the Hittites, who in unsuccessful incursions tried to enter within the then borders of Europe. Despite this and having spread significantly, they did not leave great traces of their civilization (if we exclude the beauty and charm of the mosques and bazaars that are still preserved in the capital, Istanbul) across the vast territory of present-day Turkey, the main enclave of his domains. Yes, other predecessor civilizations that we have to mention in this project did, as was the case of the Roman Empire. There are no cities in Turkey in which there is no monument, road or site of Roman origin. It is curious that it is in countries of the Muslim religion where the largest and best number of buildings from this era are still preserved.


Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, countries that once formed part of the golden core of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, continue to show, despite having been rebuilt after the devastation caused by World War II, the exultant palatial baroque of its majestic buildings and those streets of great charm wrapped in the romanticism of their corners, even more so when daylight falls and the number of tourists decreases.
Prague, always mysterious and wrapped in the mystery to which it exposes us every time we turn the corner of any of its streets. Budapest, with buildings like the one that for me is one of the most beautiful buildings built by man, the parliament, as well as the Sisi palace on the banks of the Danube, and of course... Vienna, stately and beautiful like few others There are cities in the rest of the world, they are part of this brief report.

16 Canadá
17 Imperators & Papas
18 Zares y Valaquios

16  ​"CANADÁ"

Magnificent country in any of its latitudes and with a nature that is difficult to master, but that Canadians have known how to respect and take advantage of without carrying out fierce fights with their natives. Great natural resources and wide spaces define its geography, whose rudeness
In winter times they have known how to appease their inhabitants by creating cities semi-submerged in the subsoil to overcome these months of intense cold. The fauna, the flora, the great rivers and lakes that they have, are a perfect recreation for lovers of sports and healthy and natural life, which are many in this country. Certainly young in its constitution but fast-paced in its modernity and
adaptation, is now one of the largest economic powers in the world, although with a divergent character between the two types of English-speaking and French-speaking communities that constitute it.


How to make an accurate presentation of a country like Italy?... This is a difficult question, since it could perfectly be said that Italy is above all history, but what period of history would we be talking about?... Certainly the present and of the past history, but it is also of the ancestor and of the prehistoric and will be of the future, because Italy has formed and is a basic part of civilization and will continue to be so until the end of its days. It is Gothic, it is Renaissance, it is humanism, it is baroque and it has been the seed of the greatest empire of the ancient civilization, the Romans. They were the catapult of technological and architectural development. They taught us to create and develop strategic enclaves where, under law and public order, civilization could expand beyond the seas with enormous success. Italy will also continue to be the center of the world for its historic papal enclave, the undisputed center of Christianity and of Catholic and apostolic fervor.


Russia, always almighty, has not wanted to lose the opportunity to be less than any other country-empire and left its greatest imprint in the construction of a gigantic city full of the best palaces in the world, made to the idea and likeness of the already existing throughout Europe. That city is Saint Petersburg. Moscow, the royal capital, does not miss the rhythm of the big city and ostentatious buildings, but something more in a classic Russian style. Cradle of science and Russian knowledge, exhibits samples of that vaunted period of explorations
that he led for a while.
Rural and monastic, Romania encloses that aura of mystery and enigma that the legends of the famous Count Dracula (Vlad tepes his real name) inhabiting the areas of Transylvania, have managed to perpetuate for centuries. Depressed areas with a great Zingara tradition, nonetheless hide curious and charming cities and, of course...! monumental and emblematic buildings in its capital, Bucharest, are largely remnants of its Soviet period.

19 El Pais de los Andes
20 En la Ira y en el Origen
21 Bharat & Terai


The Amerindian inhabitants of these areas knew about the civilization before the Spanish conquistadores arrived. The Incas were already a highly civilized and well-organized people and had a well-structured society of workers and deep-rooted beliefs that dissolved with the arrival of colonization. Despite this, they are a people endowed with a great peculiarity that they have managed to maintain and intermingle all of this, creating a very unique way of life. Machu Pichu and the charming colonial cities that remain very well preserved are reason enough to visit it, but Peru also has large scenic areas, both mountainous and in nature reserves that are unique in the world due to the variety of its species, as well as deserts. and orchards that complete a diverse array of possibilities.


"En la Ira y en el Origen" is a title that harbors mixed feelings capitulated under mention and memories of various lands.
In "Wrath" is a concrete overview of the country whose territory and landscape make the brutality and strength that flows from the earth's center its usual environment, and none is a greater witness of this than Iceland. Geysers, glaciers, volcanic craters and sulphurous and almost Martian surfaces coexist with beautiful high-altitude waterfalls surrounded by large expanses of lush green, stone canyons at various heights and black sand beaches. That's Iceland.
"At the Origin" however defines a country that is considered and has been considered to this day as the origin of civilization, Greece. Support model for the development of the teaching of sciences and arts.
And finally, it also refers to the origin of the great routes and expeditions of all those discoverers who left the Portuguese country, Portugal.


Several territories of a very diverse nature are reviewed in this volume, as varied as India, always sublime and colorful, dominated by the physical power of the palaces of ancient Maharajas and
Raja-jás, captivated by the deep-rooted religious dependence of its citizens and that soaks and envelops you in that mysterious character, especially in cities like Varanasi. Similarly, Nepal, the foot of the majestic mountain range where the famous Everest peak stands out, is a land of worship, but with a different tint. Here the serpas live in the mountains and the rest of the population lead a daily rural life. Finally, Indonesian roots from the seed of peoples like the Thai, since culturally they are very similar and discipline themselves with a similar way of life and religious customs.

22 Perlas de Oriente
23 Bereber Canaán
24 Tülbend Náhuatl


The ancient Chinese culture is easily defined in words such as the good and meticulous concept of knowing how to do things with a large dose of wisdom and enormous balance. A thought and philosophy inherited through the long dynasties and that little by little fades among the large and modern cities. The Chinese people are friendly and tolerant although difficult to bend. He has been capable of huge and colossal constructions to keep his enemies always at bay.
The country of Siam, now Thailand, does not have such a noble and ancient culture as China, but the sympathy and pleasure that its inhabitants show to the visitor is even better. They are and live in a simple way and from tradition they manage to make a charm, proof of this are their beautiful costumes and outfits, or carvings of fruits and vegetables.


Israel, a long-suffering people with a deep-rooted religious tradition, is stubborn and has great tenacity when it comes to carrying out any project, as it is capable of turning its promised land into an orchard in the desert People somewhat introverted but with a great spirit Enterprising, it subdivides its population between the most ultra-conservative and orthodox inhabitants with an ambiguous retro aesthetic and those who prefer an open, western and multicultural mentality.
Jordan is above all Petra. It is undoubtedly the star of the crown and was then the area of the Nabataean inhabitants, authentic tribes that dominated the Palestinian desert.
Morocco is and has been the gateway to Europe. It is that country halfway between East and West and it maintains all the charms of its Moorish tradition, including souks and the Western perspective as a bastion of its development. Life is leisurely and in its cities the humid aroma of adobe from the walls of the houses is palpable, between narrow and narrow streets that leave doubts when traveling at night.


Testigo de su floreciente período de ilustración, sus dinásticas monarquías y las megalómanas obras napoleónicas, París resplandece a la luz del día con una elegancia y magnificencia que los años y sus leyendas, mayormente románticas y bohemias, le han ido envolviendo en el devenir de los tiempos. Las tierras del norte unidas con el nombre de Benelux se resuelven entre historias paralelas y eco de los aires parisinos, como ocurre en el caso de Bruxelas y aquellas pequeñas ciudades embellecidas por los nobles y mercaderes de una época que se enriquecieron entorno al curso de un importante río, como lo son Brujas o Gante. Amsterdam no obstante se resume entre la constante lucha de unos habitantes por evitar que sus tierras, ganadas al mar mediante sistemas de diques, queden anegadas y el empeño de una casta de comerciantes por colonizar las nuevas rutas del comercio mundial.

25 Celtas y Sajones
26 Looking for  Big Dreams
27 Iberos


The charm of Central Europe is perfectly reflected in the pages of this book, which breathes the romantic and ancestral spirit that covers the stone walls of its fortifications on days with little light. From the Vienna of classical sonatas to the cold and wet Scottish lakes and from the beer pubs of Munich to the silent streets of Lucerne, the tour dulls our senses with emotional memories of the aging longing that the tales of Hansel and Gretel paraded during our youth. It is a wide monumental route, transcendental to understand the life of the inhabitants of the old continent.


The first immigrants who arrived in the United States embarked in search of big dreams. From then until today, expatriates from anywhere in the world have not stopped arriving, but especially from the neighbors of the Caribbean island of Cuba and Mexico in a desperate way.
This book shows the different ways of life in the three countries, which itself explains the reason for this incessant trend. On the one hand, the life of power, luxury and illusion and dreams and on the other, that of scarcity and the thankless slave labor of survival. This is not a documentary work on all this tragedy, but on the way and environment in which its inhabitants live.

27  ​"ÍBEROS"

As is well known, Spain is a land at the crossroads, civilizations and cultures, and over the years it has sought and coined a cordial and extroverted character on the faces of its inhabitants. This is projected in each and every one of the daily activities with the full and total conviction that life flows around the close treatment of its inhabitants. Cities emanate life everywhere in any of its corners. The buildings, a mixture of multiple styles, witness to these historical ups and downs, show ornamental richness in each and every one of its tendencies. The Iberians water their bodies with the rainbow blood of civilization.

28 Suníes del Sham
29 Insulindia
30 Benelux & Deutsch-French


Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and Turks among others, were the empires that dominated for some period the lands that today form Syria. Life arisen, carved and raised from nothing or what is the same from the sandstone and rock of the desert and with people who harbor in their faces hardness and serenity at the same time, an implacable condition to which the arid subordinates scratching of the reverberating perpetual sun, make this town a display of gallantry and improvement. Its charming alleys that intersect in the colorful and bustling souks, ooze culinary richness of spices, as well as its famous damascenes that look precious in all
the decorative elements.


Through Malaysian routes we discover the evident timeless duality that exists between the incipient modernization of its capital Kuala Lumpur and the vast and semi-virgin territory of the jungles of Borneo, evidently as not, with the limited but rich iconographic set that is exposed here.
Zones under which the current civilized being is something merely alien. Areas to which for a time in its history it came to know and to which it adapted perfectly, but on which it sowed the germ of human supremacy under the signs of evolution, destroying with impunity everything that was put in front of it. However, today there are still wonderful embers safe from artifice, which are an exultant threat to your senses and your security.


If we were to make an analysis under a cursory tour of the pages of this book, we would undoubtedly create an erroneous perspective of what the lands of northern and eastern Europe are. Honestly, this is not the attempt to make an overall sample of what would be defined as the global image of these countries and their people, it just tries to outline a pictographically speaking, monumental and artistic generic tour of some of the cities with the greatest charm and history of the Benelux countries, Germany and France.
Napoleonic constructions in Paris, medieval buildings in Bruges or Ghent, the charm of small and large German cities, the principality of Luxembourg and, of course, Amsterdam, embellished by its rings and waterways that have enriched it for so long.

31 Selán
33 Bolg & Bohemia
37 Alaska

31  ​"SELÁN"

Sri Lanka still remains as one of those last redoubts where nature and civilization coexist side by side, but an almost agreed civilization in which the invasion of glass and concrete have not yet sacrificed the orchard that many others enjoyed in ancient times. cities, now just a mere monopoly board of real estate speculation. A place where the hours are indicative, and where the calm is only assaulted by the occasional herd of wild elephants that suddenly approach the rivers that are half shared by animals and humans. Yes, because this is the land of tea and elephants.
Maldives is a beach paradise. Its innumerable islands of coral sand intertwined by air taxis and pleasure boats, are constantly supplied by a stream of tourists, rented for days hungry for a stress cure.


Prague is synonymous with music, poetry and illustration. Legend and culture are breathed between the echo of its cobbled and narrow streets. It is equally crystal and they are impregnable fortresses, they are parks full of calm. They are neighborhoods with a markedly religious character, but above all it is the only surviving witness of World War II.
Bulgaria, however, is unknown, it is that half-way step between civilizations. It hardly appears but an idyll with the eastern margins is perceived.

33  ​"ALASKA"

En las inhóspitas y olvidadas tierras norte del continente americano, se encuentran aún a salvo de las tropelías humanas, algunos de los más bellos parques naturales del planeta. Una gran reserva vegetal, mineral y animal que garantiza al menos la continuidad de ciertas especies que sin zonas protegidas de esta envergadura, hubieran con seguridad desaparecido desde hace ya tiempo.
En esta parte del planeta, uno tiene el placer y el privilegio de alimentar su espíritu contemplando las más bellas cumbres nevadas, los hielos fascinantes de sus glaciares y los profundos y densos bosques en los que el silencio desconcertante que a veces puede suponer para los habitantes de las grandes urbes, resulta tan sólo alterado por serpenteantes ríos de agua nítida.

38 Eire & United Kingdom


In progress

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